Trauma Scene contractors


If there has been an accident in your home or office, let our trauma scene cleanup team help sanitize and make the area safe once more. We offer services to customers that have unimaginable and unbearable cleanup tasks. We are licensed by the IICRC in Odor Control and a variety of necessary restoration and cleaning techniques. 


Let our team clean and sanitize the impacted structures as well as remove and properly dispose of all non-recoverable structure and material. We will professionally restore your property to pre-incident condition.

  • Prompt response – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Dispatch a restoration project manager to evaluate the scene
  • Provide you with a detailed explanation of services required
  • Render a cost estimate
  • Exchange information & establish logistics
  • Proceed with immediate remediation services upon authorization
  • Utilize only environmentally safe chemicals and work protocols
  • Document all work fully (including photography if you so authorize or your insurance company requires)
  • Render work documentation and billing information to help expedite your insurance claim
  • Properly dispose of all bio-hazard material and issue a disposal receipt


Federal Regulation 29CFR 9010.1030 states:

“Your employees may only clean up blood, body fluids, biohazards or infectious waste if they have been formally trained in blood borne pathogens, you have a blood borne pathogen plan, you have personal protective equipment available, you have offered the hepatitis vaccine with a follow up visit, and you have provided them with the proper method to remove, store, and legally dispose of bio-hazardous waste.”

Handle your mess the right way; give our team a call today for professional assistance.